Preparing Your Quilt


You can do this! It’s not as intimidating as you’ve heard. Here’s some guidelines:

Press Quilt Top

  • Press well, especially seams - front & back, top should lay as flat as possible to prevent puckering. Creases from shipping are expected, and will be pressed out.

  • Trim threads, especially dark threads over light fabric. I can't bring myself to leave them to show thru your quilt, so I will trim them if necessary, for a small fee.


  • Square-up and trim your quilt to it's final size - I've found the best method is to measure three times along top middle and bottom, in both directions. The shortest measurement is the true width/length when quilt is square.

Backing Fabric

  • Measure and press backing fabric. Ensure backing is at least 6" larger than your top.

Example: quilt top 60" x 70"
Backing minimum: 66" x 76"

  • Pieced Backing, press seam(s) open. Idealy, any seams should run horizontally. Vertical seams tend to make a smooth flat quilt near impossible once rolled up on the longarm frame.
  • Too much stress? No worries, I can piece backing for $15 for first seam, and $25 for two or more seams. Just contact me if you have any questions on yardage needed.


  • Shipping USPS Flat Rate medium and small boxes work well for most quilt tops and backing fabric. Medium Flat Rate Box $14.35 Large Flat Rate Box $19.95