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About TekStil Crave

I offer professional, digital edge-to-edge and customized quilting & finishing services. I love working with modern and traditional quilters to plan and complete exciting quilting designs for their quilt tops! I’m happy to help with all longarm - machine quilting services. – please request a quote to begin a new project or contact me with any questions.


In the Studio

Quilting is a timeless textile art form that is both beautiful & functional. It can be casual, and whimsical, or sophisticated and precise. I’d love nothing more than to collaborate with you to complete your quilt as affordably as possible. In the Studio - View past works or find inspiration for your next project.


Longarm Quilting

Once you’ve made your beautiful quilt top, the next step is to send it to TekStil Crave where I can quilt it for you! I personally own and operate a Handi Quilter 12’ Avanté with Pro Stitcher digital software, and I’m excited to help you with your next project.  I am a dedicated longarm quilting specialist & am ready to receive your quilt via mail or drop-off.

Quilting Rates

  • Edge to Edge: All-over single repeat pattern
    0.02¢ per square inch

Quilt measures 50" x 70" = 3500 inches
3500 x .02 = $70.00

  • Custom quilting on a case by case basis
    Starts at 0.03¢ per square inch


Quilters Dream Select 100% Cotton batting is my favorite batting and what I carry on-hand. You can purchase from me at retail price.

  • Batting is NOT included in quilting price rate
  • Quilters Dream Select 100% Cotton
  • Quilters Dream 80/20 (80% Cotton, 20% Poly
  • I'm happy to use your shop quality batting, If it's a packaged batting please trim it to the size needed. (4" larger on ALL sides)
  • If you are interested in a another batting brand or material i.e., wool, 100% Poly, bamboo, silk, please let me know,


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have. I’m always happy to provide any guidance necessary.


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Quilting Preparation Requirements


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